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  1. Next we have prepared a simple tutorial on how to install the NGINX web server with PHP-FPM in Raspbian. It takes a few minutes to prepare Raspberry Pi to launch your website.
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  2. -
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  3. Search Replace DB version 3.0.0 (currently a BETA version) allows you to carry out database wide search/replace actions that don’t damage PHP serialized strings or objects with a user friendly interface and experience.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (18.01.2015)
  4. Kanban is a method for managing knowledge work with an emphasis on just-in-time delivery while not overloading the team members. In this approach, the process, from definition of a task to its delivery to the customer, is displayed for participants to see and team members pull work from a queue.
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  5. ThinkUp is a free, installable web application that gives you insights into your activity on social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Google+. Find out more at http://thinkup.com.
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  6. Imagine you visit a web site and are instantly and automatically logged in. Without filling in username and password in a login form. Without filling the OpenID field and clicking 3 times. Without clicking the button of your browser's autologin extension. Without a single cookie sent from your browser to the server.

    Yet, you authenticate yourself at and get authorized by the web server.
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  7. Webseiten installiert auf Nginx in Kombination mit PHP5-FPM + APC punkten mit überzeugender Geschwindigkeit und stabiler Ausfallresistenz.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (17.04.2013)
  8. Wie installiert man den nginx Webserver samt PHP5 auf dem Rasperry Pi?
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (16.04.2013)
  9. lessphp is a compiler that generates CSS from a superset language which adds a collection of convenient features often seen in other languages. All CSS is compatible with LESS, so you can start using new features with your existing CSS.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (25.11.2012)
  10. Ein PHP-Script ähnlich IPinfo. Jedoch können es mit mehreren Routern eingesetzt werden und speichert die Informationen aller Router. Zusätzlich bietet es Wake-on-LAN Funktionialität (sofern vom Router unterstützt). Genauere Informationen und Beschreibungen sind im Quelltext zu finden.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (17.10.2012)
  11. BasDeM is a tool to collect arguments for and against a statement by active users and to present them to everybody in a compact way. As a result less active participants can easily get an overview over the current state of a discussion.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (09.09.2012)
  12. Just got to something described as: This extension embeds the V8 Javascript Engine into PHP.
    It is called v8js and the documentation is already available on php.net, examples and the sources are here. V8 is known to work well in browsers and webservers like node.js, but does it work inside PHP? YES!
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (24.07.2012)
  13. conjoon is a web based personal information manager with a strong focus on message exchanging. Its ambition is to become a web based groupware, but conjoon rather takes two small steps one after another instead of five at once.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (24.06.2012)
  14. Today i wanted to share with you 10 AJAX-based & PHP webmail client that delivers the look and feel, usability and performance of a desktop application. Some of the webmail clients listed below are open source code that can be easily modified to better suit user’s needs, while others are not. So You must check their license to know the rules.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (24.06.2012)
  15. Apache 2 - Linux Web server
    MySQL 5 - MySQL Database Server
    PHP4/5 - PHP Scripting Language
    Schlagwörter: , , , , , , von kaffeeringe (15.06.2012)
  16. Allows you to upload files using HTML5 Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms, providing some unique features such as upload progress, image resizing and chunked uploads.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (04.01.2012)
  17. I wrote this. A “micro PHP manifesto,” if you will. I plan to use it to guide my PHP dev. Maybe you will find it useful as well.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (04.01.2012)
  18. The inception of OpenPhoto was a desire to liberate our photos and take back control. Like you, our photos are the most valuable digital files we have. Also like you, we've used Flickr, Picasa and Smugmug and wound up with our photos scattered across numerous sites on the web.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (02.01.2012)
  19. Auto-Updates à la Chrome für Open-Source-Web-Projekte? Matt Mullenweg put the "U" in WordPress und ich frage mich, ob nicht nur diese Community auf die Barrikaden steigen wird - Wenn Updates den Mehraufwand in ungeahnte Höhen schnellen lassen
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (16.10.2011)
  20. SimpleID is a simple, personal OpenID provider written in PHP. OpenID is a way to provide for a single digital identity across the Internet. To get an OpenID you need to sign up to an OpenID provider, who acts as the "custodian" of your digital identity. Every time you want to log into an OpenID-enabled web site, you will be redirected to your OpenID provider, who will then verify your identity and provide this to the web site.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (16.10.2011)
  21. Forget all those different username and password combinations once and for all with Prairie; our Internet identity server. Prairie is a lightweight OpenID based Internet identity server. Instead of registering at every web site with different username and password combinations you use your identity server to log you in.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (16.10.2011)
  22. PHP.reboot is a reboot of PHP, each Hollywood movie has its own reboot, why not doing the same for one of the most popular programming language. The aim is to keep the philosophy of PHP but adapt it to be more in sync with the Web of 2010.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (10.10.2011)
  23. Phrozn is static site generator written in PHP. The idea is very simple: You write text files in your favorite format (Textile, Markdown, Twig, Haml etc), in your favorite environment (Vim, Vim, or Vim etc), spice them with styles (again, in format of your choice - CSS, LESS, or SASS), feed all this to Phrozn, and it will create static HTML site ready to be published.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (03.07.2011)
  24. Identi.ca-php is a complete and easy to use PHP library to interact with identi.ca platform. Seems like it works, with some tricks, with other StatusNet (ex laconi.ca) like application.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (14.06.2011)
  25. Tiny Tiny RSS is an open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) aggregator, designed to allow you to read news from any location, while feeling as close to a real desktop application as possible.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (06.04.2011)


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