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  1. Bis 2030 möchte China zur Supermacht im Bereich der Künstlichen Intelligenz werden. Die chinesische Regierung hat dazu milliardenschwere Förderprogramme aufgelegt. KI gilt als Allheilmittel, um die Wirtschaft zukunftsfähig zu machen – und um die autoritäre Herrschaft effizienter zu gestalten.
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  2. Your online profile is less a reflection of you than a caricature.
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  3. Let's get rich on targeted ads and personalized recommendation algorithms. It's what everyone else does!
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  4. Reporter Kashmir Hill spent six weeks blocking Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple from getting my money, data, and attention, using a custom-built VPN. Here’s what happened.
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  6. Wer auf seine Privatsphäre pocht, tötet Menschen. Das war die verstörende Botschaft des Stanford-Wissenschaftlers Michal Kosinski am Montagabend in Zürich.
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  7. An unlikely triumvirate of Silicon Valley insiders is holding the industry accountable on privacy and addiction
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  8. Surveillance capitalism has operated without constraints for far too long. And advances in both big data analysis and artificial intelligence will make tomorrow's applications far creepier than today's. Regulation is the only answer.
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  9. To help Firefox users have more control of their data on Facebook, we’ve created the Facebook Container Extension.
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  11. So while Google’s CEO talks only about the “amazing things” coming down the pipe in a world where everyone trusts Google with all their data — failing entirely to concede the Big Brother aspect of surveillance-powered AIs — Google’s products are similarly disingenuous; in that they are designed to nudge users to share more and think less.

    And that’s truly the opposite of responsible.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (05.10.2016)
  12. Was wir im Web lesen und tun, wird mit den Techniken des Web-Tracking beobachtet und zur Grundlage für Werbeschaltungen. Wie würde es aussehen, wenn die Techniken uns im Leben außerhalb des Web begegneten? Eine Erzählung von Jacques Mattheij.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (02.04.2016)
  13. Bruce Schneier: Google, Facebook und Co. Feudalherrscher, auf denen wir mit unseren Daten Felder bestellen
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (18.05.2015)
  14. There is another obscure way of tracking users without using cookies or even Javascript. It has already been used by numerous websites but few people know of it. This page explains how it works and how to protect yourself.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (18.08.2013)
  15. The privacy stories making headlines today generally focus on individual products or services, such as mobile apps, VoIP, or web-based email, and their associated privacy protections (or lack thereof). However, rarely noticed are the building blocks these Internet products and services are developed on – largely invisible but critically important technical standards, such as HTTP, IP and DNS. Can’t better privacy protections be built into these Internet protocols so that the applications developed on top of them have better inherent protections? With the publication of Privacy Considerations for Internet Protocols, Internet engineers have a new roadmap for achieving just that.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (06.08.2013)
  16. Die Verschlüsselung von E-Mails mit OpenPGP ist nicht einfach. Einmal eingerichtet ist es aber ein praktikabler Weg, die eigene Privatsphäre zu schützen.
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  17. Das Surfen über Virtual Private Networks ist nicht so anonym wie im Tor-Netzwerk, aber im Alltag die praktischere Alternative. Die Einrichtung ist dafür komplizierter.
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  18. Wer nichts zu verbergen hat, muss nichts befürchten? Eine Lüge. Wenn Behörden wie bei Prism in Daten nach Terroristen fahnden, gibt es keine Unschuldigen.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (20.06.2013)
  19. Germany is normally a welcoming place for American leaders. But President Barack Obama will walk into a German storm Tuesday provoked by revelations about the Prism and Boundless Informant (who comes up with these names?) surveillance programs of the U.S. National Security Agency.
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  20. When the government gathers or analyzes personal information, many people say they're not worried. "I've got nothing to hide," they declare. "Only if you're doing something wrong should you worry, and then you don't deserve to keep it private."
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (16.06.2013)
  21. Einem Lobbypapier ist zu entnehmen, dass Facebook zentrale Bestandteile der geplanten EU-Datenschutzverordnung rundweg ablehnt – mit teilweise fragwürdigen Argumenten.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (19.11.2012)
  22. Want to know what a hacker, developer, activist and former Wikileaks wonk thinks about Facebook, the internet, and the future of computing? Read Adam Brereton's interview with Jacob Appelbaum
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  23. This January 28 marks International Privacy Day. Different countries around the world are celebrating this day with their own events. This year, we are honoring the day by calling attention to recent international privacy threats and interviewing data protection authorities, government officials, and activists to gain insight into various aspects of privacy rights and related legislation in their own respective countries.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (30.01.2012)
  24. Late yesterday, Google announced perhaps the biggest change it has ever made to its massive network of web services: Starting in March, your search and surf habits across all of Google’s products will be combined to form the mother of all behavioral profiles. On March 1, Search
    will know the contents of your email and the videos you watch on YouTube. If you use Google Docs for work, Search will know which company you work for and which industry you work in. Via Google Reader, Search and
    YouTube will know what content you like to consume. And of course, the kicker: Google’s ad networks — AdSense, AdWords, DoubleClick — will have full access to all of your search and surf habits from every Google web service.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (26.01.2012)
  25. Rund einen Monat nach Bekanntwerden der brutalen Mordserie einer rechtsextremen Terrorgruppe will Innenminister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) durch eine Anti-Terror-Datei die Gewalt von rechts eindämmen. Auch im Internet sollen Neonazis besser überwacht werden.
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