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  1. Auf den drei SEO-Konferenzen der letzten Wochen (SEMSEO, SEO Campixx, SMX) wurde das wichtige Thema “Crawlability” vom allgegenwärtigen Thema “Links” glatt in den Hintergrund gedrückt. Dabei ist dieses Thema vor allem für große Seiten (die im Grunde schon
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  2. Vor zweieinhalb Jahren hat Forrester Research die verschiedenen Stufen der Internetnutzung mit einer Leiter visualisiert. Jetzt wurde das Modell aktualisiert und um die Strosse "Conversaltionalists" ergänzt.
  3. Beyondjazz is an online future jazz community. Where we once had almost 5000 registered members on our community, we now have focused more on editorial content and our podcast. It still remains one of the must-visit sites for any music lover with a passio
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  4. Once you start an argument, not a discussion, you've already lost. Think about it: have you ever changed your mind because someone online started yelling at you? They might get you to shut up, but it's unlikely they've actually changed your opinion.
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  5. Noticings are interesting things that you stumble across when out and about. For example: perplexing pavement markings, a discarded photo, and a ceramic space invader are all noticings. Players are awarded points for things like spotting the first thing i
  6. Wenn du mit Leuten reden würdest, wie die Werbung mit Leuten redet, würden sie dir eine reinhauen.
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  7. "It's just a funny name!", you say!

    Well, you're right, it is funny. But, blippr is much more than just a trendy set of letters. It's a really easy way to discover, talk about, and organize great apps, books, games, movies, and music. We figure that hey,
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  8. We hosted Michael Masserman at the Igloo on March 5 for the second of our series of talks for our friends, clients and the community. Michael was working at an Australian law firm when he got a call from Barack Obama's team to take a job as a political di
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  9. Auf Trupoli bewerten Sie gemeinsam mit Anderen die Aussagen deutscher Politiker und schaffen so ein Feedback an die deutsche Politik.
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  10. We continue to see that communities will continue to gain more and more power as they lean on each other to make decisions, support each other, and share their lifestyle.
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  11. We’ve all been part of communities since kindergarten, or earlier. Churches, schools, sports teams, and neighborhoods all satisfy basic human desires to interact with others and work toward a common goal. And yet, when these communities are online and we
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  12. Social Networks wie Facebook, MySpace oder Wer-kennt-wen? gehören zu den populärsten Anwendungen des Web. Jetzt aber explodiert ihre Nutzung geradezu, sagen die Marktforscher von Nielsen. Zugleich wird ihre Nutzerschaft älter - was den Medien- und Werbema
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  13. John Lilly of Mozilla recently gave a presentation on lessons learned at Mozilla. These lessons relate to their products as well as to their way of handling their communications.
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  14. What kinds of jobs are companies hiring for right now? In the move towards a social media world, we've seen a series of hires in the past week for variations on the theme "community manager." Companies are hiring, candidates are hunting and competition fo
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  15. One of the questions I'm most frequently asked when talking to people about using social media for learning in organizations is how do you "manage" comments and how do you deal with people "being negative." There's a general fear that once you open the fl
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