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  1. Reporter Kashmir Hill spent six weeks blocking Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple from getting my money, data, and attention, using a custom-built VPN. Here’s what happened.
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  2. Throughout history, entrepreneurs have often needed the government's help to dislodge a monopolist - and one day need it again.
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  5. The dominance of Google, Facebook and Amazon is bad for consumers and competition
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  6. How Amazon and Google’s big bets on the smart speaker market affect their customers’ privacy.
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  7. Almost every time I see a post for someone requesting a way to earn some extra money to cover some bills there are a half dozen people suggesting that they sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk and they can earn a couple hundred a month.
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  8. Something really dramatic is happening to our media landscape, the public sphere, and our journalism industry, almost without us noticing and certainly without the level of public examination and debate it deserves. Our news ecosystem has changed more dramatically in the past five years than perhaps at any time in the past five hundred. We are seeing huge leaps in technical capability—virtual reality, live video, artificially intelligent news bots, instant messaging, and chat apps. We are seeing massive changes in control, and finance, putting the future of our publishing ecosystem into the hands of a few, who now control the destiny of many.
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  9. Amazon Fire TV

    If you have an Amazon Fire TV and a Playstation 3 (PS3) but don’t want to pay for another controller for the Fire TV, you’re in luck. In a YouTube video from Amazon Fire TV, they have demonstrated a way to connect a Playstation 3 Dualshock 3 controller to the Fire TV. It is not an instant connection though, as you have to install some software first.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (04.10.2015)
  10. Sideloading allows you to install apps to your Fire TV that are not available in the Amazon Appstore. There are numerous apps in the Google Play store that may work on the Fire TV that have not been officially ported over. You can download these apps using online APK downloaders. There are also apps like XBMC, which we will be using in this guide, which are not available on any appstore and can only be installed by sideloading.
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  11. On Amazon Mechanical Turk, thousands of people are happily being paid pennies to do mind-numbing work. Is it a boon for the bored or a virtual sweatshop?
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  12. Amazon ist Marktführer im deutschen Buchhandel. Der US-amerikanische Internetshop hat viel, will aber auch viel vom Kunden - zum Beispiel seine Daten. Wer das nicht will, muss nicht verzweifeln.
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  14. Google, Facebook, Amazon - es ist Zeit, über die Monopole im Internet nachzudenken. Ein Kommentar hat einige Reaktionen ausgelöst. Hier diskutieren wir weiter.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (05.03.2013)
  15. A couple of days a go, my friend Linn sent me an e-mail, being very frustrated: Amazon just closed her account and wiped her Kindle. Without notice. Without explanation. This is DRM at it’s worst.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (22.10.2012)
  16. Wie gefährlich ist die wachsende Macht von Google, Apple, Facebook und Amazon? Mit schöner Regelmäßigkeit erscheinen Besorgnis-Artikel über die großen vier des Netzes - in der Regel ohne Alternativvorschläge. Hier ist einer: Wir brauchen eine nichtkommerzielle digitale Öffentlichkeit.
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  17. Nach Apple ist nun Amazon an der Reihe, Greenpeace demonstriert gegen die “dreckige” Cloud, da die Rechenzentren nicht mit Ökostrom arbeiten. Greenpeace wirft Amazon vor, dass man für die riesigen Rechenzentren “schmutzigen Strom” aus Kohle- und Atomenergie verwendet. Heute ist Greenpeace in Berlin tätig: heute protestieren Greenpeace-Aktivisten zum ersten Mal gegen die klimaschädliche Stromversorgung der Amazon-Cloud.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , , von kaffeeringe (21.06.2012)
  18. Amazon and Google have made an audacious grab of namespace on the Internet. As far as I can see there's been no mention of this in the tech press.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (16.06.2012)
  19. In the United States, books published before 1922 are in the public domain. Later ones are copyrighted. And the window no longer shifts. Congress enacts retroactive extensions of copyright terms, so the public domain never expands. The impact on book shimpments, as seen above, is dramatic.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (31.03.2012)
  20. Not even your servers are redundant? One of your servers is offline, and there's not a hot swapable replacement? for a life-critical system? Man, pray God nothing happens, because on contrary, the responsibles for this design are surely going to serve sometime on a nearby prison.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (24.04.2011)
  21. High-performance computing expert Jason Stowe recently asked two of his engineers a simple question: Can you build a 10,000-core cluster in the cloud? "It's a really nice round number," says Stowe, the CEO and founder of Cycle Computing, a vendor that helps customers gain fast and efficient access to the kind of supercomputing power usually reserved for universities and large research organizations.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (07.04.2011)
  22. Amazon.com announced they would start compensating individuals with referral fees for using Amazon.com links in their Twitter messages and in their Facebook status updates/comments.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , , von kaffeeringe (15.11.2009)


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