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  1. Cutyfox URL Shortener shortens the long link of your current website and copies the short version into your clipboard. You can generate,, and links.
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  2. "Wouldn't it be great if MTV documented and showcased emerging bands on its television network, instead of making uninspired, irritating reality TV shows? Well if MTV won't do that, then a new web site that launched this month will. Noisey is a video-based "new music discovery platform" that is profiling new bands and local music scenes from around the world."
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  3. If I run an IPv6-only server, people with IPv4 can't connect to it, and at least one valuable customer is *surely* on IPv4. So if I adopt IPv6 for my server, I do it in addition to IPv4, not in exclusion. Conversely, if I have an IPv6-only client, I can't talk to IPv4-only servers. So for my IPv6 client to be useful, either *all* servers have to support IPv6 (not likely), or I *must* get an IPv4 address, perhaps one behind a NAT.
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  4. Banks pouring money into technology funds, wealthy clients and institutions clamoring to get pieces of start-ups, expectations of stock market debuts building — as Wall Street’s machinery kicks into second gear, some investors with memories of the Internet bust a decade earlier are wondering whether this sudden burst of activity spells danger for the industry once again.
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  5. Vier große Stromversorger – E.on, RWE, EnBW und Vattenfall – betreiben die hiesigen Kernkraftwerke. Sie gehören zu den größten und gewinnstärksten Unternehmen in Deutschland. 93 Milliarden Euro setzte E.on im vergangenen Jahr um, RWE gut 53 Milliarden. Die Gewinne lagen bei 5 Milliarden und 3,8 Milliarden Euro. Wie viel bliebe davon, wenn sie bald alle Atommeiler stilllegen müssten?
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  6. Am 11. April 1961 begann in Jerusalem der Prozess gegen den Naziverbrecher Adolf Eichmann. Die Philosophin und Publizistin Hannah Arendt verfolgte das Verfahren als Pressekorrespondentin vor Ort. Ihre Charakterisierung Eichmanns als "Banalität des Bösen" löste heftige Kontroversen aus. Zum Auftakt unserer Serie beschreibt Wolfgang Dreßen in seinem Essay, wie sehr die Sichtweise Arendts dem Versuch widersprach, den Holocaust als "Rückfall in die Barbarei" von der Zivilisationsgeschichte abzuspalten. 
    Jochanan Shelliem unterhält sich danach mit zwei Zeitzeugen, zum einen mit Gabriel Bach, dem zweiten Mann der Anklage im Eichmann-Prozess. Er schildert die Verteidigungsstrategie des Massenmörders und die Aussagen der Zeugen. 
    Im abschließenden Gespräch mit dem israelischen Schriftsteller Avraham Burg geht es um "die Shoah als Grundlage nationaler Identität".
    Der Sohn des langjährigen israelischen Ministers, Josef Burg, beschreibt die seit 50 Jahren anhaltenden traumatischen Folgen des Prozesses für die jüdische Nation. Er sieht den Staat Israel in seiner Fixierung auf den Holocaust als erstarrt an. Burg war von 1999 bis 2003 Sprecher der Knesset. Im August wird sein Buch "Hitler besiegen" im Campus-Verlag erscheinen.
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  7. The most recent research project in the area of Diminished Reality by Jan Herling and Wolfgang Broll, Ilmenau University of Technology, Department of Virtual Worlds / Digital Games, 2010.
  8. Was in Frank Schätzings jüngstem Roman „Limit“ noch als Zukunftsszenario für das Jahr 2025 beschrieben wurde, ist Forschern an der Technischen Universität Ilmenau bereits jetzt gelungen: Reale Objekte aus der Umgebung von Menschen in Echtzeit verschwinden zu lassen. Die Technische Universität Ilmenau hat dazu das weltweit erste Diminished Reality-System entwickelt, mit dem einzelne Objekte aus Live-Videostreams in Echtzeit enfernt werden können.
  9. It's the Silicon Valley hiring boom being felt all over California. California added nearly 100,000 new jobs in February, and the state's unemployment rate dropped by two-tenths of a percentage point, to 12.2% from 12.4% in January, in part led by a hiring surge in high tech, the California Economic Development Department reported Friday.
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  10. LocalGo lets you easily share a link to an event or place. Enter the address, then share on Twitter, Facebook, email, or add it to your blog.
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  11. Bodhi is built on top of an Ubuntu 10.04 core, using the latest, elegant Enlightenment desktop, all accessed by the light weight LXDM login manager. Bodhi uses dpkg and apt-get for package management.
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  12. It’s a data mining trojan horse. Well, that changes everything. Who wouldn’t love that? And it’s a good thing personal photos have no “personally identifiable information” — you know, other than images of you, your friends, and your family.
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  13. Modern Linux distributions and more and more music library applications such as Rythmbox and Banshee for example are using informations stored in‘s media-player-info project in order to handle correctly most USB Mass Storage media players i.e. those which appear as an external USB disk.
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  14. Global Voices is an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world.
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  15. The conference badge is a challenging design conundrum. John D. Berry duly likens them to highway signs in this Font magazine article. How do we create a template for names which vary widely in length, while making each one legible enough to reduce the chances of an awkward chest gaze?
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  16. Unhosted is a project for strengthening free software against hosted software. With our protocol, a website is only source code. Dynamic data is encrypted and decentralised, to per-user storage nodes. This benefits free software, as well as scalability, robustness, and online privacy.
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  17. is an OStatus-based microblogging service built by Steve Klabnik and others using Ruby, Sinatra and MongoDB. Because it uses OStatus, it's compatible with and StatusNet microblogs. In order to follow someone from, just paste the ATOM feed from their profile into Theoretically this should work both ways, but I was unable to subscribe to my own account from account.
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  18. "The computing world is extremely polarised when it comes to proprietary vs. open source, and a million industry voices tell a million different stories. Even so, there are still very real differences between the two philosophies and technologies. This white paper focuses on just a few of them, giving you 10 great reasons to migrate your desktops to Ubuntu Desktop Edition or install it alongside your existing OS."
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  19. For instance, colo u » just raised $41,000,000 for a mobile app that marries 'mobile', 'local' and 'social', from Bain Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Silicon Valley Bank. They even have 'coupons' in there somewhere, it's a buzzword bonanza, what could possibly go wrong. Raising $41M means that their valuation is already a multiple of that and that is very impressive given their lack of a track record to date.
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  20. Lately, everybody seems to be talking about a new technology bubble. Many very smart CEOs, VCs, reporters, and analysts can’t seem to stop worrying about the second coming of the dot com bust. Are the prognosticators correct? Will we head mercilessly into another crash? I don’t think so.
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  21. Build your mobile web applications faster than ever before — deploy on iOS, Android and other phones supporting HTML5 technologies!
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  22. Warum wird HTTPS eigentlich nicht zum alleinigen Standard? Die Frage drängt sich auf, zieht man in Betracht, dass es HTTP und HTTPS schon seit den Anfängen des Internets gibt. HTTPS ist die sichere Variante der beiden Protokolle. Alle Websites, auf denen wir Geldgeschäfte tätigen, verwenden die HTTPS Verbindung – seien es Bankgeschäfte, Amazon Einkäufe oder andere Online Bestellungen. Trotzdem ist immer noch weitestgehend HTTP der Standard. Warum das so ist und warum nicht das gesamte Web über HTTPS realisiert wird, erfahrt ihr hier.
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  23. "Protovis composes custom views of data with simple marks such as bars and dots. Unlike low-level graphics libraries that quickly become tedious for visualization, Protovis defines marks through dynamic properties that encode data, allowing inheritance, scales and layouts to simplify construction."
  24. In a society where technology and the Internet have become incredibly prominent elements of our daily lives, being able to program is akin to having a super power. In fact, a programmer is able to not only easily interact with cutting edge technology, but also to take advantage of said technology to transform pure thoughts into something as tangible and useful as software.
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  25. Mit Online-Plattformen versucht die Politik den "Wutbürger" wieder einzufangen. Doch die Beteiligungsplattformen sind noch im Experimentierstadium.


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