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  1. “Yes, we have a responsibility to train for the world of employment, but are we educating for life, and without historical knowledge you are not ready for life.”
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (05.02.2019)
  2. It’s legal to be a bully if you’re a big, single corporation, but smaller organizations are not allowed to build power by acting in concert. This needs to change.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (27.01.2019)
  3. What we really need is a new way of verifying our identities online that doesn’t involve memorizing dozens of alphanumeric combinations, and doesn’t add layers of complexity for users.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (21.01.2019)
  4. David Graeber, Anthropologe und Vordenker der Occupy-Bewegung, wurde mit dem Sachbuch "Schulden - Die ersten 5000 Jahre" bekannt.
    In seinem neuen Buch "Bullshit Jobs" geht es um Jobs, die zwar gut bezahlt sind, aber keinen gesellschaftlichen Mehrwert bieten.
    Aber statt sauberer Analyse präsentiert Graeber intellektuellen Populismus und lässt dabei zentrale Fragen ungeklärt.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (05.09.2018)
  5. Das Problem waren schon immer und sind immer noch überfüllte Plattformen, auf denen sich die Menschen zu dicht gedrängelt um Aufmerksamkeit streiten. Lieber wieder Piratenschiffe bauen, eine Trillionbillion davon, alle anders, alle gleich.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (06.08.2018)
  6. -
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (30.07.2018)
  7. While notifications are a nuisance, there’s a far more insidious type of distraction lurking in our devices: Infinity Pools.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (30.07.2018)
  8. What we have today is not advertising. The amount of personally identifiable information companies have about their customers is absolutely perverse. Some of the world’s largest companies are in the business of selling your personal information for use in advertising. This might sound innocuous but the tracking efforts of these companies are so accurate that many people believe that Facebook listens to their conversations to serve them relevant ads. Even if it’s true that the microphone is not used, the sum of all other data collected is still enough to show creepily relevant advertising.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (30.07.2018)
  9. Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (29.07.2018)
  10. Reduced hours for same pay increased successful work-life balance management, cutting stress levels and boosting commitment
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (29.07.2018)
  11. Die Welt scheint kopfzustehen, die politischen Institutionen wirken fragil. Dabei gibt es keinen Grund zu verzweifeln, findet der Soziologe Armin Nassehi.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (29.07.2018)
  12. Surveillance capitalism has operated without constraints for far too long. And advances in both big data analysis and artificial intelligence will make tomorrow's applications far creepier than today's. Regulation is the only answer.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (30.03.2018)
  13. A different kind of #MeToo story, about several women who worked for the same man. They tell us not only about their troubling encounters with him, but also about their lives beforehand. Who were they when they entered the workplace, and how did their personal histories shape the way they dealt with his harassment? (This American Life Podcast)
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (22.03.2018)
  14. -
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (10.03.2018)
  15. Real techniques for identifying fake news and disinformation
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (21.01.2018)
  16. Monopolies. Cybercrime. 'Fake news'. Even the internet's founders admit their utopian vision failed. So: what if we could start again? Would we really recreate the internet of today – or could we build something... better?
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (07.01.2018)
  17. At its inception, the internet was a beautifully idealistic and equal place. But the world sucks and we’ve continuously made it more and more centralized, taking power away from users and handing it over to big companies. And the worst thing is that we can’t fix it — we can only make it slightly less awful.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (07.01.2018)
  18. In case you haven’t noticed, though, you’ve changed from hero to villain. You’re too expensive and exclusive for the rest of the world: The garages that gave us Hewlett-Packard and Google now cost millions of dollars. You’ve moved from icon to joke — the show that bears your name is a cringe-worthy, true-to-life satire.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (02.11.2017)
  19. Redux is a simple, truly extensible options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as custom error handling, custom field & validation types, and import/export functionality. If you haven't tried it yet, there's no time like the present!
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (22.08.2017)
  20. If you care about web performance of your WordPress site and are chasing top page speed scores as measured by tools such as Google Insights, there’s a good chance that you’re using W3 Total Cache plugin to minify and combine JavaScript and CSS files.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (12.08.2017)
  21. Have you ever tried to make a YouTube video responsive? If so, it can be somewhat tricky. I came across a small problem when adding a video from YouTube to one of my blog posts about the Childish Gambino website that we created. Since this website is fully responsive, I needed the YouTube video to re-size depending on the browser size or device width. However, when I added the embed code, the video had a fixed height and width. (uggh!) This looked fine on desktop computers, but pretty much broke the design when viewing on a mobile device. I wanted to know how to make a youtube video mobile. Therefore, we needed a responsive YouTube embed code. One would think that videos that with 100% width would automatically resize to the surrounding container. Well, that is not the case. Surprisingly, Youtube does not automatically have a responsive embed code.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (09.08.2017)
  22. Using CSS to style semantically meaningful (X)HTML markup is an important key to modern web design practices. In a perfect world, every browser would interpret and apply all CSS rules in exactly the same way. However, in the imperfect world in which we live, quite the opposite frequently happens to be the case: many CSS styles are displayed differently in virtually every browser.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (08.08.2017)
  23. Es gibt verschiedene Versionen des bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens (BGE). Den neoliberal inspirierten Modellen geht es darum, den Sozialstaat zu schleifen. Bei den Vorschlägen von weiter links steht der Plan im Zentrum, Menschen von Hartz-IV-Repressionen zu befreien. Kann man die verschiedenen Ansätze überhaupt vergleichen?
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (02.07.2017)
  24. Nationalistische Politiker wollen die Demokratie aushöhlen. Sie instrumentalisieren dabei sowohl linke als auch konservative Kritik. Eine Liste ihrer Kampfbegriffe
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (07.03.2017)
  25. Gute Bildung ist kein Teufelswerk, aber man braucht ausreichend Ressourcen, sagt Bildungsforscher Wilfried Bos. Die Größe der Klasse oder die Anzahl der Ausfallstunden sei aber gar nicht entscheidend. Wir sprachen mit dem Professor vom Institut für Bildungsforschung (IfB) an der TU Dortmund über gute Schule und das Projekt Unterrichtsausfall-Check.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (28.02.2017)


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