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  1. Mojito is a sweet (and minty!) MVC application framework built on YUI 3 that enables agile development of Web applications. Mojito allows developers to write client and server components in the same language (JavaScript), using the same framework. Because Mojito applications are written in JavaScript, they can run on the client (in the browser) and on the server (with Node.js). In addition, Mojito has built-in support for internationalization, testing, and building documentation.
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  2. YUI Engineer and accessibility specialist Todd Kloots introduces the best practices in using the emerging ARIA standards to engineer rich, interactive web sites that work well with screen reader software.
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  3. Web performance expert Nicole Sullivan discusses a set of best practices in the creation of supremely fast, visually impactful web sites.
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  4. As I mentioned earlier, the main reason I wanted to check out pipes and come back to play with it was the user interface, it's drag'n'drop at it's very best for a web site design.
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  5. Nicole Sullivan is a website performance specialist and a former member of Yahoo’s Exceptional Performance Team. She is currently writing a book for O’Reilly with Stoyan Stefanov on performance optimization and she and Stoyan are the creators of Smushit,
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  6. -
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