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  1. Put simply, arkOS will be a platform for self-hosting your online content from the safety and comfort of your own home, on your Raspberry Pi. It aims to break the two biggest obstacles to decentralizing the web: technical know-how and financial burden. Server software that runs on Linux is very powerful, but can easily break if you don’t know what you are doing, and relies on complicated terminal commands that render them inaccessible to the general public. Furthermore, full-size servers are very expensive and require a great deal of time and maintenance. arkOS will change this. Its focus on streamlined installation and cohesive maintenance means that end users will finally be able to host the services they want to use. These services can include simple website hosting, personal cloud services, social networking software, chat servers or more advanced web technologies. The Raspberry Pi is impossibly cheap and easy to get, giving a huge advantage to those that don’t have the means or the will to run their own full-sized server (which probably is most people).
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  2. By "unhosted web apps" we mean browser-based apps with no server-side backend. Unlike server-side or client-server apps, unhosted web apps leave users in control of their valuable user data and privacy, by default.
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  3. Javascript library to make apps remoteStorage-compatible.
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  4. This document describes when storage providers as well as hosted and unhosted web apps may call themselves 'remoteStorage-compatible', and may use this logo. The logo is licensed under Creative Commons, so anybody may freely use it as an image, but the if the logo or the term are used in a way that implies a claim to be remoteStorage-compatible, then that claim would simply not be true.
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  5. FRIENDS#UNHOSTED is an alternative social network for those of us who want to own our social network data. With F#U, your data is not stored at a central server, but at a place of your choosing using an #unhosted remoteStorage. You can even host the data server on your home network, given that the server is reachable from the internet.
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  6. The ownCloud Sync Client is a desktop program running on your computer.One ore more specified directories on the local machine are going to be synced to your ownCloud. Files on your ownCloud are automatically the same as the ones on the local disk. If you change one here, its gets there and vice versa.
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  7. Unhosted is a project for strengthening free software against hosted software. With our protocol, a website is only source code. Dynamic data is encrypted and decentralised, to per-user storage nodes. This benefits free software, as well as scalability, robustness, and online privacy.
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