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  1. Zu Beginn jedes Online Projektes stellt sich dem Entscheider die Frage, wie er sein Web-Angebot gestalten muss, damit er sein jeweiliges Ziel bestmöglich erfüllen kann. In einer solchen ersten Phase wird entschieden, ob ein Online-Shop, ein Blog, eine Por
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  2. What makes it so revolutionary? Ken Auletta, author of a new book on the company, shares his insights on why it's uniquely successful and what that means for the media world
  3. -
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  4. It's very easy to underrate the value of cultural wisdom, otherwise known as sophistication.

    Walk into a doctor's office and the paneling is wrong, the carpeting is wrong and it feels dated. Instant lack of trust.

    Meet a salesperson in your office. She
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  5. "'Traditional' website structure just doesn’t work any more." Websites need to enable visitors to browse with ease and leave them wanting more. Allow Dave and davidcoe to introduce you to the new 4G Web Strategy.
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  6. Wenn man sich die heutige “durchschnittliche” Corporate Website anschaut, sieht man viel gewohntes und noch wenig neues. Die Frage die sich einem heute vielleicht stellen mag, ist welche Entwicklungen es im Moment gibt, die sich direkt auf die zukünftigen
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  7. "Do you want the people visiting this site to notice it?"
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  8. These days, everyone is talking about social media and discussing what services and tools to use, how to use them, why you should use them, etc. In fact, if you listened to all the advice out there, you would probably think that no matter who you are, whe
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  9. We continue to see that communities will continue to gain more and more power as they lean on each other to make decisions, support each other, and share their lifestyle.
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  10. Most of the clients I work with are large organizations: universities, large charities, public sector institutions and large companies. Over the last 7 years, I have noticed certain recurring misconceptions among these organizations. This post aims to dis
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