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  1. This guide arose out of the need for system administrators to have an updated, solid, well researched and thought-through guide for configuring SSL, PGP, SSH and other crypto graphic tools in the post-Snowden age. Triggered by the NSA leaks in the summer of 2013, many system administrators and IT security officers saw the need to strengthen their encryption settings. This guide is
    specifically written for these system administrators.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (19.11.2014)
  2. The smartphone charging kiosk is a welcome addition to many airports and public areas, especially if it means you don’t have to carry around a bulky extended battery case. Some clever hackers have discovered that these kiosks can be easily used to do more harm than good if users are not careful.
    Schlagwörter: , von kaffeeringe (26.12.2012)
  3. On the 27th September 2012 Mozilla launched the first beta of Persona. Persona is an authentication system that on the surface is quite similar to OpenID and oAuth, but differs in important technical and functional ways.
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (02.10.2012)
  4. Connect with BrowserID, the safest & easiest way to sign in.
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  5. Security companies and IT people constantly tells us that we should use complex and difficult passwords. This is bad advice, because you can actually make usable, easy to remember and highly secure passwords. In fact, usable passwords are often far better than complex ones.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (12.08.2011)
  6. The button below will generate a random phrase consisting of four common words. According to yesterday’s xkcd strip, such phrases are hard to guess (even by brute force), but easy to remember, making them interesting password choices.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (12.08.2011)
  7. Through 20 years of effort, we've successfully trained everyone to use passwords that are hard for humans to remember, but easy for computers to guess.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (10.08.2011)
  8. So the Sony saga continues. As if the whole thing about 77 million breached PlayStation Network accounts wasn’t bad enough, numerous other security breaches in other Sony services have followed in the ensuing weeks, most recently with SonyPictures.com. As bad guys often like to do, the culprits quickly stood up and put their handiwork on show. This time around it was a group going by the name of LulzSec. Here’s the interesting bit: "Sony stored over 1,000,000 passwords of its customers in plaintext"
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (06.06.2011)
  9. Vorratsdatenspeicherung, Bundestrojaner, Anti-Terror-Gesetze. Noch nie in der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik gab es einen solchen Raubbau an Bürgerrechten wie im zurückliegenden Jahrzehnt. Ein Blick in die Statistik beweist: Die sog. „Anti-Terror-Gesetze“ werden für alles Mögliche benutzt, selten aber im Kampf gegen Terroristen.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (29.05.2011)
  10. BlueProximity is an application that lets you automatically lock / unlock your computer using a bluetooth device such as a mobile phone. You can configure the proximity distance (this is just an approximation because the signal strength is not always the same) and duration and when you move away from your computer, the screensaver is triggered and your computer is locked. When the bluetooth device (phone) is in range, it automatically unlocks the computer, without requiring any input on your side. This is useful for instance if you use Linux at work and want your computer to lock automatically when you leave for a few minutes, etc.
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (24.05.2011)
  11. Mehr Kooperation, mehr Informationsaustausch, eine echte "Public Private Partnership" wolle man erreichen. Was wirklich in den im letzten Jahrzehnt entstandenen Netzwerken von staatlichen Sicherheitsbehörden und privaten Unternehmen passiert, ist für die Öffentlichkeit nicht durchschaubar.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (28.04.2011)
  12. I am a fan of Dropbox. It is a great tool, a great product, and clearly they have a passionate team over at Dropbox building the product. Dropbox recently announced an update to its security terms of service in which they announced that they would provide the government with your decrypted files if requested to do so. This is not my problem with Dropbox. My problem is that for as long as I have tried to figure out, Dropbox made some bold claims about how your files were encrypted and how nobody had access to them
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (19.04.2011)
  13. I wrote SHA1_Pass because I sometimes work in highly audited/regulated environments and I needed a way to recall dozens of complex passwords that change frequently and I disagree with the core concepts of most traditional password management software in use today. I believe a few of these programs are OK and I've used several of them and encouraged others to do so, but after trying to make traditional password managers work for several years, I gave up and decided that the current approach is fundamentally wrong.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (11.04.2011)
  14. In the wake of the recent Comodo fraud incident, there has been a great deal of speculation about how to improve the public key infrastructure, on which the security of the Internet rests. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem that will be fixed overnight. Luckily, however, experts have long known about these issues and have been devising solutions for some time.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (02.04.2011)
  15. Laut Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) steigt die Zahl der ausgenutzten Sicherheitslücken. Die Folge: Immer mehr Websites werden von Hackangriffen heimgesucht. Wer einige grundlegende Regeln beachtet, minimiert das Risiko von Daten
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (09.02.2010)
  16. Information technology's next grand challenge will be to secure the cloud--and prove we can trust it.
  17. Von jedem Endgerät und jedem Ort aus sicher ins Internet ohne eigene Unternehmenssicherheitsinfrastruktur und unter Berücksichtigung der Firmenpolicies -- das soll der neue Web Security Cloud Service von Zscaler leisten. Die Dienste eignen sich insbesonde
    Schlagwörter: , , , von kaffeeringe (10.03.2009)
  18. Experts Announce Agreement on the 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors - And How to Fix Them
    Agreement Will Change How Organizations Buy Software.
    Schlagwörter: , , von kaffeeringe (13.01.2009)
  19. An Enterprise-class Cryptographic Filesystem for Linux
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (02.12.2008)
  20. How to Protect Your Wi-Fi Network from the WPA Hack
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (08.11.2008)
  21. The Open Phishing Database project is an effort to create and maintain and open database of phishing sites, in addition to providing browser extensions which utilise this database in order to provide users with a safer browsing experience.
    Schlagwörter: , , , , von kaffeeringe (12.09.2008)


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