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  1. The best known smart bulb setups (such as the Philips Hue and the Belkin Wemo) are based on Zigbee, a low-energy, low-bandwidth protocol that operates on various unlicensed radio bands. The problem with Zigbee is that basically no home routers or mobile devices have a Zigbee radio, so to communicate with them you need an additional device (usually called a hub or bridge) that can speak Zigbee and also hook up to your existing home network. Requests are sent to the hub (either directly if you're on the same network, or via some external control server if you're on a different network) and it sends appropriate Zigbee commands to the bulbs.
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  2. Simple diaspora bot based on feedDiasp. This bot uses the SQLite database to store configuration and published feeds; therefore could be configured to use several bots in the same database and do not require multiple instances.
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  3. A python server that uses the dropbox API to serve files that are hosted on dropbox. It will not be particularly useful to a developer who is comfortable with git, heroku, ftp, or another method of hosting a website. It will be useful, however, to people who don't know how to use these tools. It's very simple - whatever is in the Drapache folder in the users dropbox /Apps folder will be immediately available on the internet. Get it set up at get.drapache.com
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  4. Big news for developers out there: Google has just announced the release of a new, open sourced programming language called Go. The company says that Go is experimental, and that it combines the performance and security benefits associated with using a co


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