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  4. Let's put this to bed once and for all, folks: There's no such thing as a "duplicate content penalty."
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  5. What would Google look like if it was built by librarians? We're about to find out. A project called "Reference Extract," has a goal of building a web search engine where the weight of the search results aren't determined by any sort of algorithm like Pag
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  6. The Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters might consider optimizing.
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  7. Google has been hosting some of the popular AJAX libraries for awhile, and we’re pleased to announce that YUI has now been added to that roster. Now, you can choose between yui.yahooapis.com and ajax.googleapis.com when you evaluate your hosting options f
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  8. Google put on a full court media push tonight for a major change the company is making to its search experience. According to the Official Google Blog and a very unusual email the company sent out to press, a new feature called Google Search Wiki will lau
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  9. Our date with Googlebot was so wonderful, but it's hard to tell if we, the websites, said the right thing. We returned 301 permanent redirect, but should we have responded with 302 temporary redirect (so he knows we're playing hard to get)? If we sent a f
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  11. With Cloud, there is no desktop. You turn on your computer and it boots up to a Google Chrome web browser page which includes a dock of application shortcuts similar to what you would see on an Apple PC. Introduced at the recent Netbook World Summit in Pa
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  12. Fast gleichzeitig mit Apples iPhone erschien Android: Eine freie Java-Plattform für mobile Endgeräte auf einem Linux-Unterbau. Sie soll die Betriebssystemkonkurrenz das Fürchten lehren. Ein erster Blick auf die Release zeigt, was dran und drin ist.
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  14. As I explained in a previous post we are looking for students who would like to take part in the Google Summer of Code, help us improving Zikula and want to learn a lot about team-based development while earning 4500$ in 3 months. The first possible proje
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  15. The era of dominance is shrinking. IBM dominated tech longer than Microsoft did, and Google's period of dominance will be even shorter. As with IBM and Microsoft, a great and wealthy company will remain (after a painful period of post-dominance restructur
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  16. Wie soll der Zugang zu digitalem Wissen aussehen? Nach einem taz-Text ist in den Blogs ein Streit um die Verfügbarmachung wissenschaftlicher Informationen entbrannt.
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  17. Google isn’t stealing content from newspapers and other media companies. It’s stealing their control over distribution, which has always been the engine of profits in media. Google makes more money than any other media company on the web because it has ne
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  18. Today has been dominated by news and excitement surrounding Google Wave, GoogleGoogle reviewsGoogle reviews’s new real-time communication platform that will launch to the public later this year. In fact, there’s been so much buzz that you might just not h
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  19. Google Wave LogoGoogle (Google reviews) promised to deliver something spectacular on the second day of the Google I/O conference, and they did not disappoint. Google has just announced Google Wave, a new in-browser communication and collaboration tool tha
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  20. There's a very good reason that Google innovated Wave, and not, for example, IBM. Google has no incumbent enterprise products to which it must pay obeisance. Google doesn't even have a built-in background with the desktop that moors its vision of what is
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  21. The web is now social, and the social web is now open
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  22. The kind Google I/O folks have now posted a full video of my recent talk, “The Social Web: An Implementer’s Guide“.
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  23. This is the official YouTube channel for Google Webmaster Central, your one-stop shop for webmaster resources that will help you with your crawling and indexing questions, introduce you to offerings that can enhance and increase traffic to your site, and
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  25. Google Wave is a new web-based collaboration tool that's notoriously difficult to understand. This guide will help. Here you'll learn how to use Google Wave to get things done with your group. Because Wave is such a new product that's evolving quickly, th
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