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  1. Wikis bieten viele Funktionen eines Content Management Systems und können daher eine Alternative zu einem CMS darstellen.
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  2. Google Wave is an innovative new way for people to communicate and collaborate. But as Gina Tripani, author of The Complete Guide To Google Wave, noted in her recent keynote at the recent Web 2.0 Expo in New York, Wave is designed for power users. Wave is
  3. Large organizations continue to embrace Enterprise 2.0 as a viable addition to the corporate business process toolbox. As evidence, look no farther than the rapid growth of The 2.0 Adoption Council, which was founded this past June and currently boasts mo
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  5. Dennis Howlett got the attention of the Enterprise 2.0 community today, with his continued skepticism about "social" technologies and their place in the business world. Here's a quote from his post entitled Enterprise 2.0 - the non-debate:

    "Why am I not
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  6. Kollektive Intelligenz - was heisst das fuer Unternehmen?
    Fuer die Fuehrung, fuer die Digital Natives? Es geht um die Variabilitatet von Verhaltensmustern.
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  7. Alle Xing-Nutzer mit Premium-Account können sich jetzt hier die erste Version der neuen Unternehmensprofile ansehen. Diese Seiten werden automatisch aus den Angaben der Xing-Mitglieder generiert, die bei der jeweiligen Firma arbeiten.
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  8. A detailed study of 2,600 IBM workers' communications found those with "strong connections" to their bosses over IM, email, and social networks generate noticeably more billable hours.
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  9. We continue to see that communities will continue to gain more and more power as they lean on each other to make decisions, support each other, and share their lifestyle.
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  10. One day CRM systems will bolt in blog monitoring functionality so these posts automatically get funneled to the right place. For now, they need to be handled onesie twosie - but handled nonetheless.
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  11. Last year a group of renowned scholars and business leaders got together to discuss the future of management. Organized by Gary Hamel of the Harvard Business School, the two day event was designed to think the fundamental principles, processes and practic
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (18.03.2009)
  12. Speaking as a computer scientist, I view all of these as sort of poor man’s email systems. In other words, they have aspects of an email system, but they don’t have a full offering. To me, the question about companies like Twitter is: Do they fundamentall
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  14. A new report from Forrester presents a cost analysis of cloud-based email systems in enterprises, such as Google Apps or Yahoo!'s Zimbra. In the report, Forrester argues that cloud-based email services are cheaper than running email on-premise for all com
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  15. Der Vorstandssprecher Frank Roebers sieht nicht nur aus wie ein großer Junge, er kann sich auch wie einer begeistern. Stolz erlaubt der 39-Jährige in den Bielefelder Firmenräumen Einblicke in das neue zentrale Nervensystem der Synaxon AG. Die bietet Franc
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  16. To use one of these small stripped-down computers, I am going to have to rearrange how I work. For instance, online file storage will be crucial, so that I can access documents while on the road. It’s also accelerating my evaluation of Google Apps for Bus
    Schlagwörter: von kaffeeringe (04.12.2008)
  17. Haben Sie sich auch schon gefragt, was Wikipedia so erfolgreich macht, was die Erfolgsfaktoren des Web 2.0 sind?

    Auf www.wikimanagement.de stehen drei Fragen im Vordergrund
    A) Wie funktionieren Web 2.0 und Social Software-Systeme?
    B) Wie passt die Organi
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  19. The days of expensive year-long implementations of behind-the-firewall software look to be behind us.
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  20. Daniel Pink's book A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future contains a description of new age - the Conceptual Age.
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  22. In a couple of reports released today, Forrester Research makes projections on the future of enterprise web technologies. Forrester predicts that social networking tools and internal wikis "will have the greatest impact on workplace collaboration". It is
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