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  1. The recent generations have been bathed in connecting technology from birth, says futurist Don Tapscott, and as a result the world is transforming into one that is far more open and transparent. In this inspiring talk, he lists the four core principles that show how this open world can be a far better place.
  2. You can use your smartphone to find a local ATM, but what if you need a defibrillator? At TEDxMaastricht, Lucien Engelen shows us online innovations that are changing the way we save lives, including a crowdsourced map of local defibrillators.
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  3. geigercrowd is an approach to fill in an information gap. radiation measurements should be open data and provided by the government in an easy to access and uncensored manner. the current situation in japan shows a different picture. websites providing up-to-date meassurements are either down or don't show valid values. this is where we want to fill in. we crowdsource the meassuring to people in japan who operate and own automated or handheld geiger counters or other equipment that delivers data on radiation levels. this way we all together can try to fill the currently white map on this page with up-to-date radiation measurements that help people all over japan to assess the current risk situation. geigercrowd.net is backed by a capable content delivery network to hopefully handle more load than the other available resources that currently provide this data on the web.
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  4. Bringing internet access to the people who need it most
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  5. Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse erklärt in diesem Interview quasi “alles”, was man über das Internet grundsätzlich wissen muss. Die 6 Teile des Interviews sind zusammen ca. 25 Minuten lang. Die Themen sind: 1) biography, 2) networks, 3) collective intelligence, 4)
  6. Blaise Aguera y Arcas stellt auf den TED-Talks 2010 die Augemented-Realtiy Features von Bing Maps vor. Live können Fotos oder Videos in 3D-Ansichten eingepasst werden.
  7. Jaron Lanier ist ein Internet-Pionier. Den Begriff „virtuelle Realität“ hat er geprägt und die Gratiskultur beschworen. Nun sieht er, wie Kreative ausgebeutet werden. Im Gespräch verwirft er die „Schwarmintelligenz“. Er spricht vom digitalen Mob.
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  9. Die Landesmedienanstalt in Hessen, lpr, feierte heute ihren 20. Geburtstag. Peter Kruse hielt die Keynote zum Thema “Netzwerkkultur”.
  10. It seems there's an online community or social network for every facet of life these days. One area where this makes a lot of sense is in map-making, given how well locals know their own territory. This might explain why OpenStreetMap—a map of the world t
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  11. Noticings are interesting things that you stumble across when out and about. For example: perplexing pavement markings, a discarded photo, and a ceramic space invader are all noticings. Players are awarded points for things like spotting the first thing i
  12. At the recent Ecomm conference delegates were provided with Google Wave accounts. What resulted was a fantastic showcase of collaboration and crowd-sourcing. Sprinkeled with a good dose of integrated offline and online real-time social media.
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